Supported Database/Explorer / Tools

  • - The DRCIS is engineered on the second generation software solution that runs fluidly on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. It is also designed to meet the information requirements of each Doctor in a modern technology.
  • - Contains the medical and treatment histories of patients, its system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in provider's office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient's care.
  • - This development helps to make the process management become easier and efficient. It is designed with an optimized and systematic automated health care solution that has user-friendly interface for easier handling of patients and benefits the medical practice.


  • - Availity to select color scheme.
  • - Quick Access to some functionality.
  • - Patient-centered approach
  • - Single login
  • - Data consistency and Transparency
  • - display total Bookings (3 consecutive clinic days)
  • - User-friendly easy to use

Patient Registration

  • - Captures/Updates patient demographics.
  • - At the time of patient registration, the system generates a unique patient ID.
  • - Capture/Upload patient photo.
  • - Upload patient reports(laboratory,radiology,medication list etc.).
  • - Facility to upload photo/images from your smart phones.
  • - Detailed registration reports that can be filtered in various ways.

Booking Scheduling

  • - Booking & Scheduling is highly customizable and offers every scheduling option your clinic may need.
  • - Easily manage your schedule with a calendar that fully integrates with the rest of your practice.
  • - Make bookings anywhere 24/7.
  • - Ability to reserve and freeze slots.
  • - Detailed booking reports that can be filtered in various ways.

Billing / Insurance

  • - Calculates service charges.
  • - Print receipt for patient billed.
  • - Calculations based on patent's insurance coverage and eligibility.
  • - Facility to Exclude/Include services from Insurance.
  • - Display clinic income from specific dates.

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