Patient Assessment / Triage

  • - Captures/Record vitals and body measurement.
  • - Once the nurse/doctor record the triage, system will automatically stamp triage time.
  • - Capture/Record Patient Assessment and Important Alerts.

Physician Desktop/Consultation

  • - Display immediately the patient for today. Easy to search and identify patient.
  • - Captures Complaints, HPI, History, ROS, Examinations, Assessments and Planning etc.
  • - Upload/Sketch image and save to database.
  • - Unloaded ICD for patient diagnosis.
  • - Consolidate report base on your input..

Order Services

  • - Provides the facility for Doctors to electronically request services for the patient (e.g. laboratory tests, medications, radiology examinations etc.)
  • - The system transmits these orders directly to the inteded department or individuals so that these orders can be perform.
  • - Print orders base on category with secured QRCODE unique ID.

Medical Reporting

  • - Create your own report template.
  • - Facility to copy notes from consultation and paste in you current report.
  • - Easy to indentify if there is already report done for the patient.

Patient Profile

  • - Easy to review Consultation History, Orders List, Diagnosis, Bills, Images and Triage.
  • - The profile also contains a patient’s complete order history that can be filtered to simplify data retrieval for clinicians.
  • - Date and status in reverse chronological order to be referenced during patient assessment. Likewise, expiring orders, vitals out of range, and other important factors are flagged and color-coded to denote importance (i.e. high blood pressure denoted with red)